10 Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting 2021 (Reviews)

Enterprise WordPress Hosting is what you need if you have a business with constant growth and rapid pace.

This is because big-sized businesses need a very reliable hosting environment that can efficiently handle any level of traffic spikes. In this review, we bring you the 10 most reliable Enterprise solution services.

1. Kinsta

10 Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting 2021 (Reviews) 10

Founded in 2013, Kinsta is a reliable Managed WordPress provider, and Kinsta has the advantage of running on Google Cloud Platform. Kinsta enterprise-level service is characterized by a speed obsessive architecture and high-security network.

It is ideal for websites with a huge traffic volume as it can efficiently handle traffic surges, peak times, and increased downloads.


Kinsta, Enterprise level solution, can handle a large volume of traffic, and traffic spike is never an issue backed by automatic scalability. Kinsta largely ensures high availability backed by advanced technologies such as Nginx, LXD containers, PHP 7.4, and MariaDB.

Kinsta offers 20 data center locations across the USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America. This helps you serve your global audience in a meaningful way all the time. Kinsta has an extremely developer-friendly hosting environment. Users can test plugins, themes, and updates with one-click staging environments to accelerate their development process.

Your WordPress site is automatically backed up in a redundant and isolated environment, and any saved version can be easily rolled back with just a single click.

Site management is unimaginably straight and simple with a very intuitive dashboard. On top of that, Kinsta experts are always there to help you at every stage.

Kinsta runs on Google Cloud Platform, and this ensures automatic scalability, multi-regional deployment, and high-performance. Besides, Kinsta uses an HTTP/2 content delivery network and GZIP compression. Kinsta provides users with reliable support via tickets and an online messaging system. Importantly, Kinsta support is easy to contact and pretty fast in responding.


Kinsta Enterprise Hosting starts for as low as USD 600/mo, and it includes 60 site installs, visits up to 1000000, 100 GB disk space, FREE SSL, and CDN.

The highest available plan costs $1500 and includes 150 site installs, visits up to 3000000, 250 GB disk space, FREE SSL, and CDN. In case one needs more resources than what is offered in the available plans, one can always contact the Kinsta sales section.

2. WP Engine

10 Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting 2021 (Reviews) 11

WP Engine is yet another top-rated managed WordPress provider with some leading clients such as FindLaw and Microsoft. The company is partnered with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.

Most importantly, the company has a developer-friendly environment with some of the most advanced features.


WP Engine has many advanced features for helping you with a fast development process, and some of these features are Dev, Stage, and Prod Environments, SSH Gateway, and Git integration. WordPress is an open-source CMS; one can customize it as per one's business requirements.

The service is extremely secure, backed by real-time security threat detection and free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates. Besides, the server and the network are being consistently monitored by the experts to detect and fix every single issue in no time.

WP Engine offers you two great cloud platforms to choose from; Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. This, in addition to the EverCache and Global CDN, help your site load very fast. WP Engine offers decent support to users 24X7 via tickets and live chat.


Customers can have the best WP Engine Enterprise plan for their business requirements by contacting the WP Engine sales staff.

3. Liquid Web

10 Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting 2021 (Reviews) 12

Liquid Web started in 1997 and is certainly an excellent managed WordPress provider. The Enterprise WordPress Hosting service is ideal for medium and large businesses, and it offers a very stable and secure hosting environment.

Managing your account is pretty straight and simple, with a dedicated group of experts constantly by your side to help you at every technical difficulty.


Liquid Web sites are blazing fast, backed by the most advanced technologies such as Nginx, PHP 7, image compression, and specific in-house configurations. I recently tested the speed of my Liquid Web demo site, and I found it to be 199 ms.

Updating plugins is never an issue since plugins are automatically updated after testing on a copy of your site every night. This keeps your site up to date all the time and largely avoids the vulnerabilities hidden in outdated plugins.

Migrating your site from its existing platform to Liquid Web managed WordPress platform is a pretty painless process with automation tools and expert support. Further, the process does not have any downtime and requires no additional charge.

Another huge advantage that users have with this service is that there are no traffic limits. You don't have to ever worry about any traffic spikes as the host will efficiently handle it for you. Liquid Web offers brilliant support through tickets, live chat, and phone.


You can start with Liquid Web Enterprise hosting for as low as $999/mo. It includes 250 WordPress sites support, 800 GB Storage, 10 TB Bandwidth, 30 Day Backups, Unlimited Email Accounts, and iThemes Security Pro and iThemes Sync.

If you want more resources than this, you can always contact the sales section and request a custom solution.

4. Cloudways

Enterprise WordPress Hosting

Cloudways is a pretty popular managed cloud hosting platform. Cloudways does have enterprise WordPress solutions to help large business sites efficiently handle traffic spikes. These solutions are characterized by high availability, redundancy, security, and auto scalability.


Cloudways service runs on Google Cloud Platform, and the service also includes auto scalability and load balancing. This ensures very stable performance, without any downtime, even at peak hours or during traffic spikes.

Cloudways allows users to customize their setup as per their business requirements largely. This eventually gives them better control over performance in many ways. Users do not have the slightest chance ever to lose their website data as Cloudways offer managed backups your website date largely secure. This can be done both manually and on-demand.

Cloudways offers a brilliant speed backed by an optimized stack comprising Nginx, Varnish, Memcached, and Redis. Besides, the service is backed by 24/7 proactive monitoring and resolving issues in real-time. Cloudways has robust security, which is characterized by dedicated firewalls, security patching, and more.

Cloudways provides users with excellent support through private Slack channels, phone, live chat, and tickets. Besides, Cloudways assigns you with a dedicated account manager too.


If you want a Cloudways Enterprise WordPress solution for your business, you can contact the Cloudways sales staff and have the

5. Pagely

10 Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting 2021 (Reviews) 13

Pagely started in 2009 and is a managed WordPress hosting company with some leading clients such as Disney, eBay, Visa, etc. Pagely offers Enterprise WordPress Hosting for businesses that need high performance and high scalability.


Pagely runs on Amazon Web Services, and this is the reason that it maintains 99.99℅ uptime. Pagely offers a brilliant speed of 211ms through built-in HTTP/2 SSL Acceleration, PressCACHE, and PressCDN. Besides, Pagely uses PHP 7, NGINX, and Redis to accelerate the speed further.

Users can choose from Amazon's 11 data center locations for better redundancy and availability to serve their global audience. Pagely offers comprehensive security with PressARMOR, and besides, Pagely offers constant expert monitoring, auto core and plugins updated, and auto daily backups.

The page provides users various developer-friendly features such as SFTP, SSH, and DB access. Also, developers can have WP-CLI, error/access logs, Git support, tools to sync between staging & production, custom PHP extensions.


If you want the right Enterprise solution for your business, you would have to request a proposal to the sales section, or you may contact them and tell me about your exact requirements.

6. WPVip

10 Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting 2021 (Reviews) 14

WordPress VIP has the rights reserved to WordPress.com and is the enterprise-level edition that is more focused on fulfilling the requirements of large businesses. The company ensures high performance for your site irrespective of traffic spikes level by its fully managed service and robust infrastructure.

The company has a brilliant client profile, comprising top-rated companies such as Spotify, CNN, TED, Quartz, and more.


The service gives you a blazing fast speed because of its own delivery network across over 20 data centers worldwide. Further, it emphasizes database optimization, cache tuning, and scaling algorithms. It helps you handle any level of traffic spike through automatic resource scaling. This means your site will be up and running even during the worst traffic spikes.

Security is rock solid and comprises traffic encryption, auto-updates, hourly backups, proactive monitoring, DDoS protection, brute force protection, and more. It helps your development team with code review, and the process is designed around Git. In the process, all of your code will be carefully reviewed by experts.

The company provides brilliant support through tickets, and you always have dedicated experts to assist you.


You can contact the sales section to discuss your requirements and to have the most suitable customized Enterprise solution.

7. Pressable

10 Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting 2021 (Reviews) 15

Pressable started its journey in 2010 and is one of best known managed WordPress hosting platforms. Pressable has also done a commendable job of supporting high-traffic sites with its robust architecture over the years.


Irrespective of the amount of traffic you have on your site, Pressable always ensures high availability. Pressable Enterprise WordPress Hosting is lightning fast because of its excellent cache servers, NVMe SSD storage, and multiple global locations.

The service includes proactive maintenance, which includes automatic core and plugins update. Besides, all servers are properly patched by the experts. Onboarding is pretty simple and less tedious. Pressable has its dedicated account manager to assist you and have the most user-friendly setup for you during Onboarding.

Pressable also has dedicated customer support through chat, phone, email, and private Slack channels.


Pressable allows you two high-traffic packages to choose from; VIP 1 & VIP 2. Users can start for as low as $750/mo (VIP 1), and it includes 100 WordPress Installs and 5,000,000 Pageviews. VIP 2 is available for $1500/mo, and it comes with 150 WordPress Installs and 10,000,000 Pageviews.

For more resources than what is offered by VIP 2, you could contact the sales staff.

8. SiteGround

10 Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting 2021 (Reviews) 16

Founded in 2004, SiteGround is one good hosting company recommended by WordPress. Over the years, SiteGround has done an excellent job of offering all types of customers the right solutions. SiteGround also offers Enterprise WordPress Hosting with a reliable architecture and Fully managed environment.


SiteGround sites are exceptionally fast, backed by advanced speed technologies such as NGINX, PHP, APACHE, Linux Containers, and more. SiteGround Enterprise offers a very reliable architecture that is characterized by high availability and scalability. Apart from that, every hosting technicality is taken well care of by the SiteGround experts.

SiteGround uses load balancers to handle any traffic spikes level efficiently. You are never going to experience any downtime as long as you choose SiteGround. Every account comes with a dedicated account manager to help you right from the onboarding to every phase. Whenever your business needs to make some changes in the technology or introduce a new technology, the dedicated account manager can assist you with that too.

SiteGround has a pretty reliable support team to assist the customers through tickets, live chat, and phone.


If you want to get started with the SiteGround Enterprise solution, you can contact the SiteGround sales team and tell me about your exact requirements. The sales team can get you the most tailor-made solution.

9. Pressidium

10 Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting 2021 (Reviews) 17

Pressidium started in 2015 and is one of the leading managed-to-host services. Pressidium also has Enterprise WordPress Hosting to serve the needs of high-traffic and high-profile sites. Pressidium's client profile comprises Unicef, University of Kentucky, LearnDash, Fujitsu, and more.


Pressidium hosting gives you the freedom to have sites with millions of visits and more. It also allows you to install unlimited WordPress websites. Pressidium Enterprise solution gives you the advantage of high performance in terms of both speed and uptime, even during peak hours. This is possible because WordPress Optimized CDN turbocharged with HTTP/2, Adaptive Cache Engine, load-balanced server cluster, and multiple server locations.

Pressidium keeps things pretty secure through auto-updates for WordPress core and Plugins, Web Application Firewall, Malware Scanning and Removal, and Proactive monitoring. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager to assist you with every technicality right from onboarding to other stages.

Pressidium provides users with brilliant support through phone, chat, and email.


Customers can get started with Pressidium Enterprise WordPress Hosting for $790/mo, and in case one wants a custom solution, one can contact the Pressidium sales team.

10. Nexcess

10 Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting 2021 (Reviews) 18

Nexcess is a PCI Compliant company. Nexcess has been delivering a reliable hosting service since 2004. Nexcess dedicated sales team can get you the ideal Enterprise set up for your purpose.


Nexcess offers you a very robust infrastructure with a high-performance server cluster, which can be largely customized too. A user can either have two-node clusters or multi clusters. Nexcess offers 99.99℅ uptime even while the traffic level goes up drastically, and the load balancers achieve it.

Nexcess service has a fully managed environment wherein the experts efficiently do all the security patches, software updates, backups, and you don't have to worry a bit about it. Nexcess provides users with 24X7 US-based support via phone and tickets.


One can get started with the Nexcess Enterprise solution by contacting the Nexcess sales team. Nexcess sales would suggest the best-customized plan for your business requirements.


For any business that needs a website with high traffic and is surrounded by the risk of traffic spikes and downtime, it is always recommended that you have an Enterprise solution for your requirements. In this post, we have mentioned the 10 best providers to choose from.

Customers can compare the features of all these companies and see which one or one of them offers the best features for your purpose, and besides, you can make sure that you discuss your requirements with the sales team of these providers. This will help you find an ideal plan for your purpose.

For most of the providers, users can contact the sales team by filling up a form which usually would need you to fill in your first name, last name, email address, the hosting solution you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is Enterprise Hosting?

Enterprise Hosting is a type of hosting focused on serving the specific needs of different businesses and usually includes a fully managed environment and a robust architecture with load balancers and auto-scaling to deal with any levels of traffic spikes efficiently.

2.Where can I host my WordPress site?

Users can host your WordPress site with any of the following providers:

  • Kinsta
  • WP Engine
  • Liquid Web
  • Cloudways
  • Pagely
  • WordPress VIP
  • Pressable
  • SiteGround
  • Pressidium
  • Nexcess

3.How much does WordPress VIP cost?

There is no fixed pricing for WordPress VIP as the resources can be customized as per your requirements, and with that, the price would vary. Users can have a customized plan for your purpose by contacting its sales section.

4. What is Kinsta?

Kinsta started in 2013 and is a managed WordPress service provider that runs mainly on Google Cloud Platform. Kinsta sites are highly secure, backed by DDoS protection, Hardware Firewalls, and Uptime Monitoring. On top of that, the company has a Speed obsessive architecture.