Bluehost Pricing 2020 – Web Hosting Plans

Needless to say, Bluehost continues to be one of the first few names to cross the mind of many users and if you are one of those users that are looking forward to choosing a Bluehost Pricing plan, this is a perfect post for you to go through. 

Bluehost started back in 2003 and since then, it has been one of the leading providers. In fact, it is one of those providers that had a huge hand in making web hosting ridiculously simple for the users.

Bluehost Pricing 2020

This post will walk you through all the different types of Bluehost plans along with their pricing.

Bluehost offers 5 different types of  service to choose from. 

It is important for you to first comprehend how all the 5 different types of web hosting work to determine the right type of hosting for your purpose:

  • Shared
  • VPS
  • Dedicated Server
  • WordPress
  • Managed WordPress

Bluehost Pricing – Shared 

Bluehost Shared comprises 4 different plans and the pricing ranges from $3.95 to $13.95. 

Bluehost Pricing

Shared is one of the most extensively used types for the reason that it is comparatively cheaper from the other types. In shared, Resources of one server or one group of servers are shared by multiple users. 

However, unlike in the past, Shared is a lot better and secure now. Bluehost Shared is pretty popular among users from all over the world.

Bluehost Pricing 2020 - Web Hosting Plans 1

As far as the benefits of Shared are concerned, it certainly is the affordable pricing. However, performance wise, Shared has got a lot managed and reliable over the years too

  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • Reliable Resource Management
  • Highly Scalable
  • Unique IPs
  • SiteLock against Malware

Bluehost Pricing – VPS

Bluehost VPS consists of 3 different plans; the Standard, the Enhanced and the Ultimate. As far as the pricing is concerned, it is between $19.99 and $59.99.

Although VPS works pretty much like Shared, in a VPS , users can rest assured of dedicated RAM and CPU which is actually done by virtualizing a dedicated server and then, distributing the resources among the users.

Bluehost Pricing 2020 - Web Hosting Plans 2


When it comes to the benefits, this is the ultimate next level for anyone who is using a shared since it offers your website a lot better performance. RAM, CPU and Disk Space are separately allotted to every account. This eventually leads to better performance with the performance of one site not affected by that of another and of course, a very secure environment. 


  • Free Domain for the first year
  • Reliable Support
  • Multi-server setup
  • File Management is pretty simple
  • Easy to add extra resources

Bluehost Pricing – Dedicated Server 

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting comprises pricing such as the Standard, the Enhanced, and the Premium. It can cost you between $79.99 and $119.99.

A Dedicated Server is based on an isolated server that offers a pretty dedicated environment and is characterized by high resource allocation, better privacy, and control. Also, users have the advantage of configuring and customizing it to a large extent.

Bluehost Pricing 2020 - Web Hosting Plans 3

Dedicated Server certainly offers you a lot of advantages and one of the most important benefits one can have by from using Dedicated Server is the fact that one doesn’t have to share one’s server space with the other users. This helps your website with an unimaginably brilliant performance.


  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unmanaged hosting
  • Free Trial
  • Multi-Server Management
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • SiteLock and Spam Protection

Bluehost Pricing – WordPress

Bluehost WordPress Hosting pricing offers you 3 different plans to choose from and ranges from $3.95 to $5.95. The 3 plans are the Basic, the Plus, and the Choice Plus.

Needless to say, this CMS has outstanding popularity with over 25% of the internet powered by it. 

It has its users from all across the world and most importantly, with CMS like WordPress, running websites have got a lot easier than before now that users can manage WordPress completely on their own without having to depend on developers and without having to deal with any code. 

Bluehost Pricing 2020 - Web Hosting Plans 4

Also, it users can have advanced functionalities using the various plugins.

Bluehost certainly have the most affordable plans for the users and features like automatic installation and auto updates are pretty handy features especially if you are a first time user. This clearly reflects the constant initiative on the part of Bluehost to make things easy and simple for users. 

Also, Bluehost has a very reliable support team to assist the users with their queries and issues in no time.

BlueHost Pricing – Managed WordPress 

The Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting is available in 3 different plans; the Build, the Grow and the Scale. Bluehost Managed WordPress costs you between $19.95 and $49.95

Bluehost Pricing 2020 - Web Hosting Plans 5

There are much more to do than dealing with the technicalities and this is the reason that a lot of users these days prefer Managed solutions. With Bluehost’s WP Pro, you hardly have to worry about the various technical aspects of as everything will be taken well care of by the Bluehost experts. 

Every network or server related issue will be fixed in no time before you can actually feel even the slightest glitch in your website’s performance. 

Also, this offers a very reliable and secure environment with an unimaginably good loading speed and of course, a very stable uptime. 

On top of that, the dashboard comes with various powerful marketing and analytics tools to keep you ahead of your competitors.

  • No Traffic Limits
  • No limit on the web storage
  • Excellent loading speed
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • CDN Enabled


By now you should definitely be very clear of how the various types work. However, in order to determine the right type of hosting for your purpose considering the pricing you can also try free trial, you certainly have to consider your budget as well as the resources that will be required for your purpose. 

Also, we suggest you carefully browse through all the plans to check their pricing and resources. If you are just starting and want to just experiment, you can start with a shared plan. For an eCommerce store, it is always wise to choose a plan with more resources like more bandwidth and disk space. 

If you think your business is growing at a rapid pace and at the same time, you can configure the best server settings for your business, you can definitely try Dedicated Server for cheaper pricing.

However, if you are not technically that sound, it is always wise to go with a Managed WordPress; no matter you want to start a blog or an eCommerce website.

This Bluehost pricing 2020 changes constantly and have a look always before getting started.